Staff Members

Name Title Phone Extension Email Address
Becky Gurrola Chief Appraiser 402
Doyleen Fairchild Deputy Chief Appraiser 403
Lori Dehmer Admin Assistant 404

Howard Kelly Director of Appraisal 405
Billie Wilbanks Real Appraiser  406
Daniel Rodriguez Real Appraiser  407
Brenda Shank Support Personnel 408

Todd Belz Field Appraiser 418
Jena Qualls Deed/Map Research Clerk 411
Janice Santos Real Appraiser 412
Amy Kmiec Support Personnel 413
Amanda Torres Support Personnel 414
Marcy Richard Supervisor of Support 419
Lindsey Qualls BPP Appraiser 409
Brianda Robles Field Appraiser 420
Lisa Buschman Deed/Map Research Clerk 410

Matt Schiel Commercial Appraiser 423
Joe McCown Appraiser 424
Cindy Englebert


Monica Rodriguez Support Personnel 421