Exemptions Offered by the Various Entities

Exemptions Offered by the Various Entities

EntityEntity CodesExemptions
(subject to application and verification of eligibility)
optional HSstate mandated HSstate mandated OV65state mandatedDPoptional OV65optional DPPRIMARILY
Waller CountyGWA20%*   25,00025,000Yes
Waller County FMRFM20%*3,000  22,00022,000Yes
Hempstead ISDSHD 100,00010,00010,000  Yes
Katy ISDSKT 100,00010,00010,00010,000010,000Yes
Royal ISDSRL1%*100,00010,00010,000  Yes
Waller ISDSWR 100,00010,00010,000  Yes
City of HempsteadCHD    30,000 Yes
City of KatyCKT20%*   100,000100,000Yes
City of BrookshireCBR    3,0003,000Yes
City of Prairie ViewCPV    5,0005,000No
City of WallerCWR5%*   20,00020,000Yes
Brookshire-Katy Drainage DistrictBKD    20,00020,000Yes
Brookshire MWDWBR    10,00010,000 
Waller-Harris ESD 200ESD    100,000100,000No
Willow Creek Farms MUDM506%*   15,00015,000 
FULSHEAR MUD #3AM55    10,00010,000 

*5,000 Minimum


DV1/DV1S10% – 29%$5,000
DV2/DV2S30% – 49%$7,500
DV3/DV3S50% – 69%$10,000
DV4/DV4S70% – 100%*$12,000

*or over 65 & at least 10% disabled, or blind in at least one eye, or have loss the use of at least one limb

(DV1S, DV2S, DV3S, DV4S, & DVHSS are for the surviving spouse of the disable veteran)


(Printable PDF Version of Business Personal Property Exemptions)

Juris CodeJurisdictionLevies a Property TaxAllows Freeport ExemptionAllows Goods in Transit ExemptionTaxes Leased Vehicles
GWAWaller CountyYesNoYesNo
RFMWaller County FMYesNoYesNo
CBRCity of BrookshireYesYesYesNo
CHDCity of HempsteadYesYesYesNo
CKTCity of KatyYesNoNoNo
CPICity of Pine IslandYesYesYesNo
CPTCity of PattisonYesYesYesNo
CPVCity of Prairie ViewYesYesYesNo
CWRCity of WallerYesYesNoYes
SHDHempstead ISDYesYesNoNo
SRLRoyal ISDYesYesNoNo
SWRWaller ISDYesYesNoNo
DBKBrookshire Katy Drainage DistrictYesYesNoNo
ESDWaller Harris Emergency Svc Dist #200YesYesNoNo
EWCMDEast Waller Co MGMT DistrictNoYesYesNo
HM554Harris Co MUD #554No  No
HMCMDHarris Montgomery Counties MGMT DistNo  No
HWCM2Harris Waller Counties MUD #2YesYesYesNo
HWCM3Harris Waller Counties MUD #3YesYesYesNo
HWCM4Harris Waller Counties MUD #4YesYesNoNo
HWCM5Harris Waller Counties MUD #5YesYesYesNo
HWCM7Harris Waller Counties MUD #7Yes   
M34AWaller Co MUD #34AYesYesYesNo
M34BWaller Co MUD #34BNo  No
M34CWaller Co MUD #34CNo  No
M50Willow Creek Farms MUDYesYesNoNo
M52Katy West MUDYesYes No
M54FB Waller Co MUD#3YesYesYesNo
M55FB Waller Co MUD#3AYesYesYesNo
MWMUDMagnolia Woods MUD #1No  No
R01Waller Co Road Imp Dist #1YesYesYesNo
SERMDSoutheast Regional MGMT DistYesYesNoNo
WBRBrookshire MWDYesYesYesNo
WCID2Waller Co Impr Dist #2YesYesYesNo
WCID3Waller Co Water Contrl Imp Dist #3YesYes No
WCM1Waller Co MUD #1No  No
WCM2Waller Co MUD #2No  No
WCM3Waller Co MUD #3No  No
WCM9Waller Co MUD #9No  No
WCM9BWaller Co MUD #9BYesYesYesNo
WCM13Waller Co MUD #13No  No
WCM14Waller Co MUD #14No  No
WCM15Waller Co MUD #15No  No
WCM18Waller Co MUD #18YesYesYesNo
WCM19Waller Co MUD #19YesYesYesNo
WCM24Waller Co MUD #24No  No
WCM33Waller Co MUD #33YesYesYesNo
WCM35Waller Co MUD #35YesYesYesNo
WCM37Waller Co MUD #37YesYesYesNo
WCM38Waller Co MUD #38NoYesYesNo
WCM39Waller Co MUD #39No  No
WCM41Waller Co MUD #41No  No
WCM43Waller Co MUD #43No  No
WCM44Waller Co MUD #44No  No
WCM45Waller CO MUD #45No`  No
WPMUDWillow Point MUDYesYesYesNo