Local Forms and Applications

Below are some commonly used applications and forms used by Waller County Appraisal District.

Additional Information, Guidelines & Instructions can be found on the Tax Information Tab

Additional Forms and Applications can be found on the State Comptroller's website that you can access here.


Application Forms for Exemptions

Residence Homestead Application

Physician's Statement Verifying Eligibility for Disabled Person Exemption

Disabled Veteran or Survivor's Exemption Application

Tax Deferral for Age 65 or Older or Disabled Homeowners

Additional Forms and Applications can be found on the State Comptroller's website that you can access here.


Application Forms for Special Use Appraisal

2021 1-d-1 Ag Application

2021 1-d-1 Ag Application w/ Wildlife Management Plan

2021 Timber Application

2021 Wildlife Annual Report

2020 1-d-1 Ag Application

2020 1-d-1 Ag Application w/ Wildlife Management Plan

2020 Timber Application

2020 Wildlife Annual Report

2019 1-d-1 Ag Application

2018 1-d-1 Ag Application

2019 Timber Application

2019 Wildlife Management Annual Report

2018 Wildlife Management Annual Report

2018 Application for Timber Land

2017 1-d-1 Ag Application

2017 Wildlife Management Annual Report

2017 Application for Timber Land

2016 1-d-1 Ag Application

2016 Wildlife Management Annual Report

2016 Application for Timber Land

2016 Affidavit as Proof of Ag-Use History

2015 1-d-1 Ag Application

2015 Affidavit as Proof of Ag-Use History

2015 Application for Timber Land

2015 Wildlife Management Annual Report

Wildlife Management Plan

Seller's Ag Use Affidavit


Forms for Commercial/Rental Property

Rental Property Survey



Forms for Business Personal Property

2021 Business Personal Property Rendition

2020 Business Personal Property Rendition

2019 Business Personal Property Rendition

2018 Business Personal Property Rendition

2017 Business Personal Property Rendition

2016 Business Personal Property Rendition

2015 Business Personal Property Rendition

*Aircraft Rendition of Taxable Value

*Rendition of Property Qualified for Allocation of Value

*Application for Allocation of Value for Personal Property Used in Interstate Commerce, Commercial Aircraft, *Business Aircraft, Motor Vehicles, or Rolling Stock not owned or leased by Railroad

*Application for Exemption for Goods Exported out of Texas (Freeport Exemption)

*Application for Exemption for Vehicle Used to Produce Income and Personal Non-Income Producing Activities

*Application for Exemption for Goods in Transit

*Lessee's Affidavit of Primary Non Incoming Producing Vehicle Use

*Dealer's Motor Vehicle Inventory Declaration

*Dealer's Motor Vehicle Tax Statement

*Dealer's Vessel & Outboard Motor Inventory Declaration

*Dealer's Vessel & Outboard Motor Inventory Statement

*Dealer's Heavy Equipment Inventory Declaration

*Dealer's Heavy Equipment Inventory Tax Statement

*Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory Declaration

*Retail Manufactured Housing Inventory Statement

*Dealer's Motor Vehicle Inventory Election for Rendition


*  Click on this link to find these forms on the State Comptroller's website.


ARB / Protest Forms

ARB Protest Forms

25.25RP Real Property Late Correction Request

25.25PP Business Personal Property Late Correction

ARB Reschedule Request

Property Owner's Affidavit of Evidence to the ARB

Request to Cancel ARB Protest


Miscellaneous Forms

Appointment of Agent for Property Tax Matters

Mobile Home Affidavit

Removal of Agent request

Request For Binding Arbitration

Request for Confidentiality

Request for separate taxation on undivided interest accounts

Request to correct name or address on an account

Request to split or combine accounts

Seller's Ag Use Affidavit